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You Can't Stop Rock & Roll

My life in rock & roll; the greatest years of my life. I was very fortunate to get into the business in the first place and even luckier to be able to work and play with some of the greatest artists in rock & roll history including AC/DC, Aerosmith, Afroman, Alice in Chains, Def Leppard, Donny Osmond, Extreme, Godsmack, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Katrina & The Waves, KISS, Milli Vanilli, Ted Nugent, The Pet Shop Boys, Queen, The Scorpions, Skid Row, Technotronic, Robert Plant, Van Halen, Vanilla Ice, Roger Waters, The Who, Wilson/Phillips and others.

My career began as a messenger for New York based management company Leber/Krebs; aka C.C.C. (Contemporary Communications Corp.).  It was at L.K.I. that I was able to develop my skills as a manager and was able to carry those skills over to help build & develop the careers of new recording artists like Extreme & Wilson/Phillips.

After Leber/Krebs, it was on to SBK; a management, publishing and record company also based in NYC.  I learned everything and anything about the entertainment business at SBK.  From record production, marketing, promotion and sales to artist development, radio promotion and music publishing. In the first five years of SBK, we were responsible for the multiplatinum careers of Technotronic, Wilson/Phillips, Vanilla Ice, Jesus Jones and others.  During that period, SBK Records was purchased by and became part of EMI Records.

It was a magical time.  I was flying around the world on tour, taking limos and private jets and working many festivals and big events from The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in England, to the Hollywood Rock Festivals in Rio, Brazil.

Other major events I was involved with include having my bands perform on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, and David Letterman, as well as gigs in countries like East Germany, Poland and the Chech Republic.
Even got to work with an orchestra at the EMI Studios in England; informally known as Abbey Road; home of the Beatles.

Although retired from the Music Business, I always keep an ear open for someone new, exciting and talented to promote.  There's too much good talent out there that's yet to be discovered.

In May of 2003, I wrote an article that was published and now appears on several websites.  The article is called "Rock Bands - Get Discovered Without Losing Your Shirt and Your Sanity".  Click the title to check it out.  Enjoy it and also check out some more photos from the "Hall of Shame" below.


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