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scott bernsteinWelcome to Scott Bernstein.com.  This site was built for you to be able to find information on me; from personal information, to my latest businesses and of course, contact information so you can reach me. 

Look around, check out some of my cool photos; especially in my Rock & Roll 'Hall of Shame'.  Also check out links on my 'links page'; both fun and informative.  Click on the link above, 'Natstar Interactive' to learn about my latest business venture.  Look around at the rest of the site and learn a lot about me, myself and I.

Read more on my 'About Me' page...


Born in Far Rockaway, Queens, I grew up in Lawrence, NY; one of the "Five Towns" on Western Long Island.  I spent my childhood there until I left for college at 18.

Out of School 

After college, I sold my soul to rock & roll. It was a wild 25 years.  From unsigned bands to international superstars, it was one amazing trip that I wouldn't trade for anything. Click my picture!


To Be Continued. . .

PostHeaderIcon Joan Jett - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Live Show & Road Footage by Scott Bernstein
(The Academy, nyc)
Backstage Road Footage by Bryan Hartley

Directed & Edited by Scott Bernstein

A Hart/Bern Production

“The whole world's my audience.”
Scott Bernstein, 1990